The Wessex Aeromodellers League is designed to provide LOW-COST local competition for club modellers and to dovetail with normal club sport flying at club flying fields.
Commercial links

Laser cut kits are available from Derek Foxwell at the Old School Model Aeroplane Factory lealet page 1

OSMAF leaflet page 2

Fuel, free flight supplies, balsa wood, engines etc. are available from Flitehook


Tomboy commercial links

2cc Mills tanks and both new and second hand Mills engines are available from Peter Rose (Tel: 07900 841 550)

MP Jet 040 Classic engines: Flitehook (02380 861 541).

Tomboy kits: Old School Model Aeroplane Factory (0208 647 1033).

Low-cost 600RES airframe commercial links

600RES moulded fusselage from Roly Nix, tel: 07769 715 890. Click to view photo Price £40

Apollo laser cut wing ribs are available from the Old School Model Aeroplane Factory (0208 647 1033)

Carbon Fibre spars are available from Flitehook


Low-cost 600RES powertrain commercial links

Brushless motor (Ref: 409682) ESC (Ref: 400265) Robotbirds

2200x7 4/5C NiMH batteries from Component Shop

Speed controller (Ref: 400265) Robotbirds Basic 40 amp ESC

Cam height limiter from Hyperflight. CAM height limiter


Power duration commercial links
Zoot Suit laser cut kit available from the Old School Model Aeroplane Factory. Tel 0208 647 1033 Click to view Zoot Suit
Control line
A wide range on control line kits and bits are available from Dens Model Supplies Laser cut Spitfire Topco Kits available from: Cox Sure Start 049 engines from Den's Models: medium 2cc fuel tanks from Flitehook: Carrier-Deck inormation: Carrier-deck information

James Parry Tel: 01202 625825 or emailto: James Parry

Chris Hague emailto: Chris Hague

Paul Harris email to: Paul Harris



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