The Wessex Aeromodellers League is designed to provide LOW-COST local competition for club modellers and to dovetail with normal club sport flying at club flying fields.

The Wessex control line speed competition is a simple test over 5 laps using plain bearing 1.5cc diesel engines. No Cox engines allowed.

We hope that the web site will give you the information you require, but please contact us for further information and confirmation of the events before you set out.

Annual contests April to September + final round at Tarrant Hinton in October. Just keep sending in your best (improving) score each month up until September.

See rules page for full details, but briefly: 42ft or 52ft lines. 3 warm-up laps, followed by 5 timed laps.

Profile fuselage, wing span 350mm minimum and 400mm maximum span, wing chord 60mm minimum and 125mm maximum.

See rules page for full details.

Other Wessex Aeromodellers League events that are held in the Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire areas include Ebeneezer, 36" free flight gliders, , Control line Spitfire Scramble, and Low-Cost 600RES electric thermal events.

Contact emailto:James Parry Tel:01202 625825

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