The Wessex Aeromodellers League is designed to provide LOW-COST local competition for club modellers and to dovetail with normal club sport flying at club flying fields. After running flying competitions for over 18 years I have decided to take a rest and leave the field open to others.

Welcome to the home of 600RES Low-cost electric thermal gliding. There are many forms of flat field thermal gliding and this low cost competition has been developed by Chris Hague at the Phoenix MFC in Dorset since the turn of the century. Typically models cost under £200 and the formula ensures equal launch heights from which the thermal task begins. Expensive ARTF’s, although exquisite, are not allowed in this formula. This is definitely not one of those “cheque book” classes where pilots are spending £500 or more on the airframe alone. The rules have been carefully refined over the last 16 years to keep the cost down and provide equality of launch height.

The competition is run on a Round Robin system, again devised and refined over the years at Phoenix MFC by Chris Hague, with a simple scoring system with each pilot flying against each other. During 2016 there were 14 entrants over the five rounds flown. The competition has proved to be a true test of the pilots thermalling ability with a close contest and the winner being uncertain until the last few flights.

A specified brushless motor is used and a CAM height limiter will be introduced in 2017, otherwise the rules remain the same, maintaining the stability of the class and ensuring that the older models still remain as competitive as ever. The round robin format gives the opportunity of plenty of flights for each pilot throughout the day. If required, there is also the opportunity to fly with three or more at one time, thus reducing the number of flights.

Most importantly the flying format is designed to enable club sport flying to continue at the same time. Pilots having to return to the flight box after launching and follow all the club flight line rules. There is no spot-landing requirement, just call “landing” and when it is clear, land on the club patch. This ensures minimum disruption to club flying and dovetails neatly with, and provides added interest to, the local club members. This is specifically a THERMAL contest, the electric motor is purely an inexpensive "on-board launch system", providing equality of launch height. May you find many thermals.

During 2018 we will be flying at three different clubs.









Low-Cost 600RES electric thermal is just one of a series of Wessex League events held in the Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire areas. Also available are 36" free flight gliders, Ebeneezer, Control line and Spitfire Scramble events.




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