The Wessex Aeromodellers League is designed to provide LOW-COST local competition for club modellers and to dovetail with normal club sport flying at club flying fields. After running flying competitions for over 18 years I have decided to take a rest and leave the field open for others.
Wessex Low-Cost 600RES electric thermal league
36" Free flight glider

A new event for 2015.

Events are weather dependent flying on selected dates decided at relatively short notice.

The provided bungees will be used for the competition (7.5m of rubber + 22.5m of line). Any 36” span (maximum tip to tip) built-up free flight glider (no foamies), D/T is advised.

Contact John Bainbridge (01258 458 749) or James Parry (01202 625 825)

or email Chris Hague Please note that 36" span is the maximum size of free flight model to be flown.


Ebeneezer flying at selected dates alonside 36" free flight gliders.

Note: Maximum 36" wing span for free flight models.

Wessex Spitfire Scramble
A one design control line team race competition using the Topco Kits Spitfire, the Cox Sure Start 049 engine, a yellow 6 x 4 Kavan propeller, using 25ft lines and easy 5 lap heats with a 15 lap final. Laser cuts kits available from Topco Kits. The total cost of a model Spitfire is under £40!
Wessex control line speed league

A simple formula using plain bearing 1.5cc diesel engines, 3 warm-up laps and timing over 5 laps. Click on the lefthand side to find out more about the Wessex Weasel and the Wessex Wombat.

Due to only a few entrants taking part during previous seasons no rounds are currently scheduled.

Wessex Aeromodellers Newsletter
The Wessex Area Aeromodellers Newsletter reports on League activities.

Stop press: See March 2010 Aviation Modeller International for more details and photos, pages 34-35.

Also May 2012 Aviation Modeller International for 4 pages of details and photos, see pages 52 - 55.

Wessex Tomboy League

The Wessex Tomboy rules have been arrived at after much consultation with those taking part. They are designed to reduce the excessive heights achieved in the past and use only 2cc of fuel. For more details click on WESSEX TOMBOY LEAGUE on the lefthand side.

Due to only a few entrants taking part during previuos seasons no rounds are currently scheduled.






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FOR SALE: Moulded fuselage suitable for 600RES electric thermal glider to take Apollo style (laser cut wing ribs available from stock from the Old School Model Aeroplane Factory - see links/contacts page) or use your own design wing. Contact Roly Nix on 07769 715 890. Click to view Swallow fuselage Price £40. Also a 2nd hand, fully tested, Jeti 35 amp ESC at £10. One 600RES model for sale P. O. A. Also carbon fibre tube sets for the Apollo wing. email: Chris Hague.

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